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Target areas for employment law, post Brexit

7th July 2016

We feel that the following areas could be scrutinised: Agency Worker Regulations These Regulations require employers to offer equal terms and benefits to agency workers once they have been working for 12 weeks. They are very unpopular with businesses and are therefore likely to be top of the Government’s “hit” list. Working Time Regulations The […]

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EU Workers, post Brexit

7th July 2016

A major concern for businesses in light of Brexit is what will happen to EU workers currently working in Britain. Throughout the campaign, immigration was a key concern to most individuals. A number of key figures were adamant that they did not want the freedom of movement of EU citizens moving forward. However, the reality is […]

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Professional Negligence

8th June 2016

Dispute Resolution Professional advisors (for example accountants, auditors, solicitors and surveyors) have a duty to provide their services with reasonable care and skill. Professional negligence occurs where a professional advisor fails to perform their responsibilities to the required standard. While failings on the part of professionals are often referred to as ‘negligence’, claims can be […]

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Is your customer becoming a debtor?

23rd May 2016

Companies House has long provided a large amount of company data that is useful to creditors, and since mid 2015 this data is available free of charge. As the cost of making a claim has risen over recent years, we would advise creditors to undertake some checks before starting proceedings for recovery of a debt. […]

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Refusing to Mediate

15th April 2016

A recent decision by the Royal Courts of Justice Senior Courts Costs Office has demonstrated the readiness of the Court to impose costs sanctions when a party to litigation unreasonably refuses to participate in mediation. In Bristow v Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust [2015], the Judge awarded the costs of detailed assessment to the Claimant on […]

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GOOD NEWS………of sorts – The travel time ruling does not mean UK mobile workers are automatically entitled to extra pay!

5th November 2015

A recent decision by Europe’s highest Court (the ECJ) ruled that, for those workers with no fixed/habitual place of work, time spent travelling between home and their first and last job each day, counts as “working time”. This does not mean, however, that they are automatically entitled to more pay! This decision does have implications […]

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Property update – section 21 notice

26th October 2015

The De-Regulation Act was passed on 27th March 2015 and came into effect the 1st October 2015. The act mainly relates to the servicing of a Section 21 notice, including “revenge evictions” and deposit protection, in order to further regulate and improve the lettings process. Section 21 Notice Historically, a landlord could serve a Section […]

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Problem: My tenant has left some items after the end of their tenure

26th October 2015

Clearing out the tenants goods Property that the tenant leaves behind still belongs to the tenant and normally should be returned to the tenant. If you throw away property belonging to the tenant which subsequently turns out to be of value, you may be subject to a claim from the tenant for damages. If the […]

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New Personal Insolvency Rules

13th October 2015

Under new legislation the bankruptcy level will be raised from £750 to £5000.  Therefore creditors will need to be owed a minimum of £5,000 before they are able to petition for a debtor’s bankruptcy (the level for liquidation of a debtor company remains at £750). The £750 was set way back in 1986 and the […]

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Social Media and the Workplace

2nd October 2015

The use of social media by individuals and businesses is now commonplace. As a result, we have seen a number of cases involving the use of social media come before the courts. We also regularly receive queries from employers about implementing social media policies and disciplining/performance managing staff as a result of their use of […]

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We like to make sure all our latest news is relevant and interesting for our clients. Please take a little time to read our posts, we are sure they will be of interest.

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